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Our Brands

Our Journey

Step into the exciting world of culinary exploration with us! It all began when we started as a local Asian food online store, serving the vibrant city of Berlin. But, oh, how things have evolved! Our journey has led us to create a family of unique brands, each bringing its own delicious twist to the German food scene.


The Tiger is born!

Picture this – a local hub for Asian groceries right at your fingertips in Berlin. We aimed to bring the rich flavors of Asia straight to your home, and our customers loved it. So, we decided to share the love and expand nationwide. The positive responses from you fueled our passion, urging us to dream bigger and push the boundaries of culinary innovation.


GoDumpling & Little Yang - Steaming Hot

Dumpling lovers, rejoice! Both brands emerged as a ghost kitchen specializing in crafting and delivering mouthwatering steamed dumplings. Every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.


GoBoba - DIY Bubble Tea Magic

Enter GoBoba – a place where you can create your own bubble tea magic at home with our DIY Bubble Tea Kits. It's not just a drink; it's a creative flavor adventure that marks the beginning of the Bubble Tea revolution.


GoRamen - The Art of Ramen

We ventured into the world of ramen with GoRamen, a ghost kitchen dedicated to perfecting the art of this beloved dish. Authentic recipes, top-notch ingredients, and traditional preparation techniques ensure a ramen experience like no other.

About GoTiger

Welcome to the heart of your Asian culinary journey with GoTiger! We're not just a grocery gateway; we're crafting the ultimate shopping experience for all things Asian. Our startup is on a mission to bring you a top-notch selection tailored to the taste of Western consumers fascinated by Asian food and lifestyle.

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Our vision

We're not just a bunch of brands; we're a bunch of food enthusiasts with one vision – to make your taste buds do a happy dance. So, whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, join us on this foodie adventure. This is GoTiger, where we believe that good food is the best kind of celebration.

Cheers to flavor, fun, and food that feels like home!

Our Investors

Meet our team

Unveiling the Faces Behind the Flavor – Where Dedication Meets Deliciousness

Yang Zou

Co-Founder at alphin (formerly Freachly) backed by HV Capital and PartechCo-Founder at Harmonidesk (exit to a Private Equity firm). Angel investor with 25 portfolio companies and LP at Speedinvest.

Zane Yang

4th generation of Chinese restaurant business in Germany and owned several restaurants in NRW, Germany. Founding team in 2 hyper-growth startups with €100M+ valuation each.

Cathal Corcoran

Over 20 years of food retail and product development. Experienced VP at Lidl Ireland & Lidl US with a commercial team of 50 directors/managers. Market launch US, private label & brand assortment, promotions planning, category management, pricing, packaging & design, customer insights, marketing, customer app implementation.

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Ready to take your brand to the next level ?

Ghost kitchens are the secret sauce to transforming your culinary venture into a streamlined, efficient, and highly profitable operation. Picture this: the ability to cater to a wide audience without the burden of a traditional brick-and-mortar setup.

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